About Us

Jaye’s Philosophy

The link between our sense of smell and pleasure is truly a human experience, and in one breath, it can transport us to an incredible place.

Within seconds, aroma reaches the part of our brain that processes both pleasure and memory. It can act like a passage opening up to enhance your mood, create memories and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Let us take you on that journey to create your own unique, intimate and perpetually evolving universe.

Our Scent Story

At Jaye Niemi Australia, we’ve been unleashing scents of elegance around the planet since 2004.

Borne from a true love and deep appreciation of the beauty of simplicity and elegance, Jaye embarked on a journey to create a product that paid tribute to nature by capturing the essence of this beauty and the superior design of renowned perfumists. From this perfect pairing, the scents of elegance that is Jaye Niemi was crafted.The Jaye Niemi Signature range echoed this creative and natural flair of Jaye’s to turn simplicity into special. A range of unique, enticing and complex fragrances lovingly poured into quality glass curves and vessels.

It hasn’t stopped there though! The world famous Signature range was just the start.

Our Specialty and Signature ranges are all crafted under the same ethos of natural beauty and emphasis on the highest quality ingredients. Because the health and beauty of the world in which we create our space is upmost importance to us, here at Jaye Niemi we are committed to firm values including sourcing the best quality ingredients to ensure clean, pure scents and products and a deep respect for the environment which provides us with these raw materials.

All of our materials are carefully selected because of their exceptional quality and renewable nature. 100% botanical waxes, pure essential oils, absolutely no synthetic fragrances and renewable fibres.

And perhaps most importantly of all, every one of our Aroma Reeds, Scented Candles, Room Mists and Aromatic Oils is hand-poured right here in Australia. 

Our goal is to help you create the most beautiful environment for you, in synergy with the natural world. Because being timeless and elegant is about caring and awareness too.