Feeling like you need some more inspiration?

Feeling like you need some more inspiration?

There is a whole lot of research out there that suggests what we smell has an extremely powerful link to what we feel and even how we think.


Frankly without looking at any of the research, most people would be able to agree with this based on all of the emotions they feel that are related to a smell memory.  This could be the sense of calm at the smell of your first morning coffee after the rush of the morning. Or the feeling and comfort that comes from the smell of mulled fruit at Christmas time -  its easy to be overcome by the rich, deep, warm scent of mulled fruits and feel truly at home. Or the heady, clean smell of a baby that transports you to some wonderful, heavenly place where nothing else in the world matters except for this moment where you're filled with the smell and touch of a warm little body.

So why is smell so important to us!? And why does it do this to us? Well according to Dr Alan Hirsch of the Smell & Taste Treatment Research Foundation what you smell can have an impact on your memory, your emotions, your sense of time, your personal wellbeing and your productivity.

That’s a big list of things that what you’ve got under nose can affect!

THINK 9 gets all of that.

THINK 9 was created with your mind, in mind. 

It’s a blend of the most powerful essential oils used to assist concentration, increase alertness, aid creativity and calm stressed nerves.

100% Essential Oils included are:

  • CREATIVITY Jasmine

  • BALANCE Lavender


  • CALMNESS Clary Sage

  • FOCUS Lemongrass

  • ACCURACY Bergamot

  • VERVE Peppermint

  • PERFORMANCE Geranium


      They’re things that all of us can benefit from.

      That’s the thing about THINK 9 – it smells amazing – which will transport you somewhere special in its own rite. but in addition to that – it’s a fragrance that’s truly created to help you transport yourself somewhere amazing by firing up those neurons that get you going.

      Now that’s some serious inspiration!


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