The Pleasure of Jasmine

The Pleasure of Jasmine

The jasmine flower, five petals of fragrant perfection.

Just a few jasmine flowers are enough to have me closing my eyes and feeling overwhelmed with gladness and gratitude for such simple pleasures.

Jasminum officinale is the botanical name of the variety whose fragrance and beneficial aromatic properties are captured in essential oils.  Or rather, jasmine is an essence or absolute, not technically an essential oil, due to the way it is extracted.  The end result is the same: an intoxicating, lavish and precious commodity.  

Grown in India and delicately plucked before the sun rises so its fragrance has not yet evaporated, jasmine has the nicknames 'queen of the night' and 'moonlight of the grove'. I say 'delicately plucked' because crushing the petals can compromise the quality of the blossoms. { I have visions of white gloves being used but that might be going too far.}  

It's estimated that more than 3 million fresh blossoms are needed to produce less than 500 grams of pure essence.  Precious, indeed.

To bring the scent of jasmine indoors, simply flip the natural fibre reeds of your Jaye Niemi Jasmine Jubilee Aroma Reeds which are a perfect combination of heady jasmine and woody ambrette, found in our new Spring Collection range:

Key scent notes  Brazilian grapefruit, hyacinth, jasmine, orchid, ambrette seeds, myrtle bark

Scent inspiration notes  Was it the heady scent of jasmine that dispelled all thoughts of sleep? Or the mossy basket of lush grapefruit and hothouse flowers left quietly on the doorstep. The embossed card tucked in its foliage revealed a woody intrigue of myrtle bark and musky ambrette, but no words; only mystery.

When you catch Jasmine + Ambrette drifting on the air currents in your home, close your eyes and write your own story.  

And if one jasmine perfume isn't enough for dressing your home, you'll also find its essence in our Jaye Niemi 100% Botanical Wax Scented Candles, Room Mists and Aromatic Oils of Jasmine Jubilee + Precious Woods  {A spritz of this one also adds a divine touch to your personal stationery.}

To simple yet beautiful pleasures ... X


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