The Romance of Essential Oils

Shelley Douglas
The Romance of Essential Oils

One of the elements that makes our Jaye Niemi fragrances so special is the inclusion of essential oils in every single one. These beautiful ingredients have been extracted {mostly by steam distillation} from flowers, leaves, wood, bark, roots, seeds, or peel.  Essential oils are also known as 'the lifeblood of the plant'.  Before the creation of synthetic fragrances, essential oils were the lifeblood of the perfumer as well.  Synthetic fragrances have given the world scent notes it would not have otherwise had, together with the stability and predictability expected by mass markets.  But essential oils add a touch of nature's unpredictable magic back into the equation ~ and at Jaye Niemi, we wouldn't have it any other way. 

So, as today is Valentine's Day, we're featuring an essential oil known for its ability to bring out the romantic streak in people: Ylang Ylang.

Ylang Ylang {Cananga odorata} is a tall tropical tree native to eastern Indonesia, the Philippines, Madagascar, Réunion, Haiti and Zanzibar.  Its extravagant blooms are yellow with long petals, and from these freshly-picked fragrant flowers, the essential oil is distilled or extracted.  In some cultures, the flower petals are strewn upon the bed on wedding nights ~ and possibly no coincidence that Ylang Ylang essential oil is known for its aphrodisiac qualities.  The natural chemical constituents of Ylang Ylang also combine to provide both a calming and euphoric effect, which can help combat feelings of severe anxiety and tension. 

You'll find Ylang Ylang in our interior fragrance products of Tuberose + Sandalwood and The Seduction of Mark Antony.  

And on that note, Happy Valentine's Day.


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