Wonderful for mood design + creation, uniting fragrance + flame for more perceptible, palpable environmental scenting.  Easily changed to suit your mood or combined to create a signature moment.


Our wax is a creamy blend of 100% botanical waxes (from plants) and contains absolutely no paraffin (from petroleum), so no black soot or harmful fumes. Delicate perfumes and essential oils saturate the wax ensuring a delicious scent. The botanical waxes and oils mean our candles burn at lower temperatures; as the scent continues to develop, even the most delicate scent notes are detectable for the life of the candle. Each candle is individually hand poured and finished.


  • Glass and molten wax can be hot, please handle with care
  • Never leave a candle burning unattended
  • Burn candle for a minimum of 3 hours each time
  • Keep wick trimmed to approx 1 cm and burn away from drafts
  • Store your candle upright and out of direct sunlight
  • To snuff your candle, dip lit wick into the melt pool – eliminates smokiness when candle is blown out
  • To clean your candle, remove burnt wick from wax pool, and wipe over top of cooled candle wax and inside of jar if necessary using stocking or muslin

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