The J-Baby range is saturated with essential oils of lavender Mt Blanc, rose geranium and precious roman chamomile (long used to help settle new borns), lifted gently with bergamot, mandarin and orange, and finally drawn together with the ancient essential oil of frankincense.



AROMA REEDS  A simple, stylish method of introducing natural fragrance to nurseries, childrens’ rooms and birthing suites. Specially prepared Reeds act as wicks, absorbing and releasing the scent throughout the day, gently permeating your space creating a calming ambience.

NURSERY MIST  A simple, effective and beautiful way of banishing those unwanted odours, particularly those lingering after changing diapers. Simply mist high into the air to allow the delicate essential oil fragrance to settle over baby’s sheets, fabrics and carpet.

SCENTED CANDLES  100% pure botanical wax, no paraffin, no added colour, no black smoke or soot, no harmful fumes. A subtle blend of delicate essential oils combined with the gentle glow of candle light is one of the easiest, most beautiful ways to create instant ambience, for both mother and baby, This is a gentle candle that burns clean, at a lower temperature and throws the delicate scent beautifully.

A NOTE FROM JAYE: While essential oils can help create a wonderful calm, gentle atmosphere in your nursery, it is important not to overdo it. The Little noses of babies are very sensitive so a gentle scent is all that is necessary to achieve beautiful results. This fragrance has been tested so you can trust that your precious little one will be perfectly safe.

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