AMBIENT SCENT – continuous background scenting (Aroma Reeds)
Soft and subtle, designed to gently permeate your environment throughout the day, keeping your home beautifully scented with very little effort. A background fragrance deliciously but delicately detected as you and the natural air currents move throughout your space. When creating continual scent, it is important to be subtle because a fragrance should never impose upon your space.

MOOD DESIGN – creating moods + occasions (Scented Candles)
Work, play, love, relax. Combining fragrance + flame for more perceptible, tangible, palpable scenting. Introducing the perfect fragrance for the right occasion, to achieve a desired result. Easily changed to suit your mood or combined to create a signature moment; and once extinguished, lies quietly poised ready for the next invitation.

FRAGRANT LIVING – banishing unwanted odours + attaining instant results (Room Mists)
Instant fragrance for your everyday life. Dispel unwanted odours, freshen musty spaces, enliven a room, create a first impression. Spritz bed linen for sensuality or mist your space to invigorate the mind or find inspiration. Atomise the kitchen and dining areas to overcome cooking odours. The occasions are endless – the moment is now.

ESSENTIAL INDULGENCE – versatile blending (Aromatic Oils)
Enjoy one of life’s most simple pleasures with these masterful blends of essential oils and fine fragrance.  They offer a simple way to deliciously scent your living environment by adding a few drops to oil vaporisers, potpourri, mopping water, dryer napkins or pine cones for an open fire, to name just a few. Be creative. The inspiration is only limited by your imagination.

NECESSARY LUXURY – blissful pampering (Fragrant Bath Soaps)
Naturally beautiful, our Fragrant Bath Soaps will cleanse, nourish and protect your skin. Rich in natural shea butter, jojoba oil, botanical extracts and essential oils, they delicately scent the skin, inspire the senses and leave an elegant aroma. Make our soaps a part of your bathing ritual and feel wonderfully pampered.


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