LIVING VERBENA  Mist your space to neutralise cooking odours or banish that lingering smell of burnt toast. Clear the air between meal courses; a type of olfactory palate cleanser. Introduce a zesty cool burst during hot summer days. Spritz the air prior to deep study as an aid to concentration.

GINGER LILY + WATER FRUITS  Summer cooling.  Bring the effects of a Japanese water garden indoors for a fresh, pretty ambience. Set the scene for a summer afternoon tea.

TUBEROSE + SANDALWOOD  Create an impressive, memorable entrance by misting the entry and hall just prior to visitors arriving. Perfect for formal occasions or creating the ambience of a tropical South Pacific hideaway.

PRECIOUS WOODS + VETIVER  Create the scene for conversation, imbuing the room with a sense of depth, meaning + spirituality. Wonderful in conversation dens and rooms with lots of timber, leather and exotic decor.

LAVENDER MT BLANC, VALENCIA + CLARY SAGE  Before retiring to bed, mist your room, pillow and linen to set the mood for deep slumber. Containing pure essential oil of avender Mt Blanc herb, our mist is blended at the perfect ratio to assist in balancing the mind without invigorating it. This important feature ensures your senses are not overstimulated prior to sleeping.

SWEET HERBS  Evoke a feeling of spring in the air by misting a sunroom before visitors arrive or before morning tea on the patio. Surround yourself with scents from a Mediterranean garden.

GRAPEFRUIT + JOJOBA  This cheerful yet relaxing all-rounder will sparkle things up whenever your home or office is feeling flat.  Freshen bathrooms instantly with a quick burst.

VANILLA ORCHID  Add instant warmth and cosiness with a spritz of this comfortable classic.   A hint in the air before retiring with coffee and dessert is a sweet way to end the day.

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