The versatility of our aromatic oils is only limited by your imagination. Your surrounding ambience can be changed instantly from a lively fragrance to uplift during the day to something restful and comforting at night. Use in an oil vaporiser or be creative. Add to a dryer napkin in the clothes dryer to softly scent both your linen and home, or add to bicarbonate of soda and sprinkle over carpets before vacuuming. Put a few drops into your mopping water, or onto a pine cone for an open fire. These many uses are all designed to introduce delicious aromas into your living space.

Designed in a stylish square cut 15ml glass bottle complete with Euro designed pipette, our beautifully presented Aromatic Oils are sleek, classic and contemporary.  The oils are replicated in the feature fragrances of the beautiful Jaye Niemi signature collection.
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