As is the case with many products, when it comes to pure enjoyment, the differences can be enormous when comparing quality. Think wine, olive oil, chocolate, cigars, perfume, caviar, cheese and the list goes on. What we do is no exception…


Jaye Niemi – a name that has become synonymous with exquisite fragrances for living. Specialising in fine fragrances for the home and living environment, the Jaye Niemi suite of products utilizes nature’s essential oils and combines them with contemporary design and the latest scent discoveries & technologies. The result is arguably the most innovative, beautiful products available.


Jaye believes simple, everyday events can become a pleasure when done beautifully. Drinking purified water from exquisite stemware. Stirring coffee with a smooth, long handled spoon. Entering a room that smells delicious. And it is this love of beautiful things that started her on this exciting journey. Jaye’s primary focus is on making the living environment more pleasurable – and continuing to enjoy those simple pleasures.

Jaye’s goal is to continue enjoying simple pleasures.


The link between our sense of smell and pleasure is truly a human experience, and in one breath, it can transport us to a wonderful place. Within seconds, aroma reaches the part of our brain that processes both pleasure and memory, enhancing our moods, creating a sense of belonging, and making the everyday something special.

Allow us to take you on that journey.



Jaye Niemi Australia Pty Ltd, 5/99 Wolston Road, Sumner, Brisbane, Qld 4074 Australia

Telephone: 617 3376 3399  Fax: 617 3376 3332

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